Thursday, September 22, 2016

Download Aptoide apk for Android, iOS, iPad and iPhone

Download Aptoide apk for Android, iOS, iPad and iPhone : In this article we shared about Aptoide Apk download for android, IOS, ipad and iphone devices easily.

Aptoide Apk Download - If you’re someone who’s facing problems while downloading applications through Playstore or isn’t satisfied with your inbuilt app store, you’re at the right place. Playstore no doubt has been one of the best and the most widely used app store for android. Almost all of us have been using Playstore in our android devices since long. Though Playstore is quite satisfactory but at few instances many of us face problems while installing and downloading applications from it. Problems like ‘error 204’ is quite common in Playstore. 

So if you’re facing the same error and aren’t able to download aptoide applications, we’ve got an awesome solution for you and it is, Aptoide. Although there are tons of app stores in the market right now but only few are good enough. Most of them are filled up with irritating and stupid advertisements whereas many of them don’t have enough applications.
Aptoide is an android app store where you can download aptoide apk your favorite applications easily. It, no doubt is one of the best alternatives of Playstore in the market presently. With a wide variety of applications in every category, Aptoide Apk won’t disappoint you.

Download Aptoide APK for Android

Aptoide for Pc some reasons isn’t available in the playstore and hence you’ll have to download it in the form of an apk and later install it whenever you want. So if you’re wondering how to download aptoide apk and install it later, here’s a simple step by step guide for you:-
  • Open whichever browser you have/want.
  • Now go to
  • In the search bar, type “aptoide apk download for Pc” and click on search (the small magnifying glass).
  • Now after you’ve clicked on search, a number of results will be shown on google. 
  • Select whichever result you find the best.
  • Now, find the download option on that website and download the application.
  • Wait till the download process finishes. 
  • After it’s done downloading, go to the downloads folder of your phone’s memory or external card and click on the downloaded apk. 
  • Now, a window will pop up asking you to install the application. Click on install and wait till the app gets installed.
  • That’s it, you can finally enjoy the application in your android device.

Even if you uninstall the application, you won’t have to download it again as you’ve downloaded it in the form of an apk. So after you uninstall the app, just click on the apk again and install it without downloading it again and wasting your MBs. 

Download Aptoide APK for IOS, IPad

The procedure for aptoide ios apk is quite similar to the android one as you won’t bet the app in your default app store. So here’s a small procedure to download aptoide for ios and aptoide for ipad :-
  • Open your browser and go to google.
  • Search for aptoide apk and download it.
  • Open the downloaded apk from the notification bar or in the downloads tab. 
  • Click on it, install it and enjoy. 

So this was how you can get the app on your IOS device or IPad even if it isn’t available in your app store.
There’s an array of reasons why you should choose aptoide over other alternatives. From the wide variety of applications, to the clean, simple and systematized UI, it performs an excellent job in every aspect. 
Even after having thousands and thousands of applications, Aptoide is really very clean, it has systematic categories and subcategories for all the genre and types. 

Features of Aptoide 

The number of app stores in the market right now is increasing at a very good rate. Everyday there’s a new app store that gets launched in the market. With the increasing number of app store, selecting the best one has become a daunting task. Although there are a lot of alternatives to Playstore and a lot of app stores out there, but Aptoide stands out. With its amazing features, which no other app store has, Aptoide is no doubt the best app store in the industry at the moment. Let’s talk about its so called amazing features now.

Organized and clean UI

While the biggest problem with most of the app stores is that they don’t have a systematized UI, on the other hand UI is Aptoide’s USP. You won’t have to browse for your application for long, you can just search for the application in whatever category it falls. Having categories and subcategories makes is lot easier to find and download applications. So you want to download a game? Go to the games category. Want to download a widget? Go to its category. Simple as that.

Wide Variety of Applications

Another important criteria for an app store to succeed is the number of application that it has. A lot of app stores have very limited number of applications whereas the number of applications in Aptoide is really very large. You name the app and Aptoide will have it. So be it a gaming app, be it a widget, be it a theme or whatsoever the application is, Aptoide is sure to have it. 

Downloads APK directly to your phone

This is the most perceptible feature of Aptoide. Most of the app stores (including Playstore) downloads only the application and not the apk, so if you uninstall the application you’ll have to download it again whenever you want to use it. The case in Aptoide app is completely different, when you aptoide apk download the application through Aptoide, the app’s apk gets stored in your phone. The biggest advantage of this is that you can install the application again without downloading it again. So even if you’re out of an internet connection, you’ll be able to install the application again. 
So these were some of the features of Aptoide which makes it better than all the other app stores in the market. Although there are a lot of other features too, but these are the highlights. 


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